General Guidelines 

1. The person(s) designated by the coordinator to stream, and others in the event that wish to stream as well: 

2. Must follow all guidelines of the streaming platform you are using (we highly recommend using Twitch or YouTube, but other platforms are accepted). a. https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/community-guidelines/ b. https://www.youtube.com/yt/about/policies/#community-guidelines 

3. The streamer is representing themselves, their club, their school, and the NACL and should conduct themselves appropriately. 

a. Follow the guidelines of the site streaming on as a minimum, but avoid controversy and saying/doing things that could harm reputations of those affiliated with the streamer and the streamer themselves. 

b. The NACL is entirely player-centric, so this is an opportunity to put yourself out there and receive support for quality and appropriate work. 


Streaming for NACL 

1. When the team is eliminated from the tournament and the designated streamer stops streaming, they must host/raid the NACL’s official stream: a. https://www.twitch.tv/nacollegiateleague b. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyA4cNtXH_jTxB_I7CJyLxQ 

2. Note: there is no delay on the NACL official stream (besides the one caused by the spectator client), meaning there is the potential to be ghosted but on that delay. 

a. If a player is caught ghosting they will be kicked out of the tournament. 

b. If there is belief a team is ghosting you please immediately contact an NACL admin through Discord. 

3. Note: there is no mandated on the 


Notice of Photography, Audio, and Video Recording 

Upon the earlier to occur of (i) registering for a North American Collegiate League (NACL) event or (ii) entering the premises of a NACL event, you represent and agree that you are of the age of majority and consent to the use of your name, image, voice or likeness and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction which may be used in whole or in part without restriction or limitation in any medium, including by photograph, video audio taping, or the Internet, by the NACL and/or its affiliates, for any purpose including, but not limited to, webcasting, for public relations, in news articles or telecasts, in advertising, commercial purposes, or by inclusion on PlayNACL.com or any of our content distribution channels. You release and hold harmless the NACL, its officers, agents, and employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the use of your name, image, voice, online presence and those contents, and likeness, including the taking, recording, or initial and re-publication of such interviews, photographs, slides, computer images, video recordings, screen captures, or sound recordings. 


You further agree that upon the earlier to occur of (i) registering for a NACL event or (ii) entering the premises of a NACL event, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for 

payment or royalties in connection with any exhibition, televising, or other publication, in any medium and whether online or otherwise, of the above materials. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photograph, sound or video recording, or film taken by the NACL, or the person or entity designated by it.

If you have any questions about the Streaming Rules and Guidelines, please email us at Play@PlayNACL.com