League of Legends 

October 5th - 6th

Tournament Registration
Will the coordinator be playing on the team?
Coordinator and
Player Information
The coordinator will be the main point of contact for the team.
add team players
name, summoners id, address, school email, personal email, discord username, Twitch channel, youtube channel, twitter username, and instagram username. 
Team agreement
Player Agreement

Does each player listed above agree to the NACL Rules/Guidelines/End User Agreement

Does each player listed above agree to the rules for your respective game

Streaming Agreement 

Who will be streaming their point-of-view of the event? AT LEAST one member must stream the event, but multiple may. Please list the name(s) of the member(s) who will below and make sure their Twitch/Mixer/YouTube, whichever platform they will be streaming on, is listed above in the application. 

Note: If you want to stream on a different platform, please indicate this in the box below and include the name of the platform and username so we may find their page: 

Thanks for Registering!