The North American Collegiate League- is an America-based non-profit esports and entertainment organization that hosts video game tournaments and league play for universities and colleges with scholarship prizes. The NACL has a multitude of revenue streams and is entering a relatively unexplored niche in the esports market.


The NACL is also a broadcasting company, as it will stream and upload the matches played at the tournaments and throughout the year in league play. This will provide marketing both for the company itself and a place for sponsors to pay and have their brand put up and marketed. 


The NACL will stream the most engaged games and create personable content with the collegiate athletes that attend the events to create hype and relate to current and aspiring college students, while having competition that is entertaining to those outside of university.  


Creating a system that bridges the gap between academic and traditional sports scholarships, rewarding those who put in the time and effort to become good and connected in a rapidly growing industry. This creates the opportunity for more students to pursue their passion while in school, making their individual lives more enjoyable while pursuing a higher-level education. 


The NACL also provides a place for brands and sponsors to enter early in collegiate esports promotion, not only supporting people’s education but also promoting in the exponentially growing field of esports as a whole. 

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